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Instagram actualiza su política sobre desnudos

La decisión fue tomada como reacción a la campaña lanzada por la modelo de tallas grandes Nyome Nicholas por las reglas discriminatorias de la red social.

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Instagram anunció que actualizará su política sobre desnudez, especialmente en las fotos que muestren pechos, en reacción a la campaña lanzada por una modelo de tallas grandes que acusaba a sus reglas de ser discriminatorias.

"No autorizamos el hecho de apretarse los senos ya que está frecuentemente asociado al contenido pornográfico, pero sabemos que cometimos errores en la manera en la que lo aplicamos, especialmente hacia la comunidad de tallas grandes", afirmó una portavoz de la red social en un comunicado.

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La plataforma recibe regularmente acusaciones de exceso de mojigatería y, sobre todo, falta de objetividad en la aplicación de sus reglas sobre la desnudez.

Estas prohíben especialmente los "primeros planos de traseros completamente expuestos" o mostrar "pezones de mujer descubiertos", pero en varios casos los moderadores han suprimido fotos de mujeres desnudas que mostraban sus formas o cubrían sus senos.


Hello to all of my new followers, I have never done one of these posts before so here goes! My name is Nyome but those closest to me call me Ny, I am 28 years old the mother of all scorpions, a plus sized model and activist. I’ve been modelling for 4 years and most recently I sort of fell into activism when my image got taken down on this very platform two months ago and a campaign was started #IWantToSeeNyome by @ginamartin @alex_cameron and myself to get my images reinstated and to really tackle why black plus sized bodies are so routinely censored. We have made huge steps and the guideline are being reviewed on how Instagram tackles semi nude images, however there is more to come... My space is a safe one, one that I have cultivated over a number of years and I will always be open to speaking to people and having conversations but remember boundaries and to respect them also to be mindful that we all have our lives and things happening external of this platform, and to think about how your “opinions” can affect people. I say what I feel and I mean what I say and I am never afraid to speak up if I’m passionate about something... even if it’s not something im passionate about I’ll still talk . My DMS are turned off and my comments are limited as I don’t feel I need to be accessible to everyone. Also while I’m here brands small or large please ASK me if you wish to collaborate or use any of my images as inspiration for a line you’re creating, please don’t feel inclined to just use my body for your consumptions and then not pay me. Enjoy my page and thanks for following

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Estas reglas fueron denunciadas en una campaña impulsada por la modelo británica de tallas grandes Nyome Nicholas-Williams, que promueve una moda inclusiva luego de que una imagen de ella sentada en una silla crubiendo sus senos con los brazos fue retirada de la red social.

Con la nueva actualización, los contenidos en los que una persona se abraza o sostiene simplemente sus pechos serán autorizados.

Tras la decisión de Instagram, la modelo en un mensaje celebró que la red social haga el cambio y agradeció el apoyo. Aseguró además que fue un trabajo duro y todavía hay mucho por hacer.

Las mujeres negras de talla grande continúan siendo censuradas de muchas maneras (…) Por supuesto, existe un gran desequilibrio racial en el algoritmo que todavía existe a medida que se promueven los cuerpos blancos y no tienen que preocuparse por la censura de sus publicaciones, pero los cuerpos negros aún tienen que justificar su presencia en la plataforma”.

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WE FUCKING DID IT!! @ginamartin @alex_cameron and I...we changed an Instagram policy! Look what happens when three women set out to change the world! We have put our heart and souls into this campaign and to see it come to fruition is insane! The observer newspaper (which is out today) has covered the campaign from the beginning and have written another article which highlights the hard work Gina, Alex and I have done (although it states they launched the campaign) this is in fact not the case as Gina, Alex and myself strategised for three months to ensure a change would happen. Hang tight for the full details of the policy change, as I will be detailing more information soon. We worked very hard on this and managed to get Instagram and @mosseri attention and there's still a lot of work to be done, as black plus sized women continue to be censored in many ways; and white women STILL tried to hijack and make it their campaign. There is of course a huge racial imbalance in the algorithm that still exists as white bodies are promoted and don't have to worry about censorship of their posts but black bodies still have to justify presence on the platform, this has also been brought to Instagrams attention! But when we put our minds to it... we can achieve literally ANYTHING!! I’d like to thank the 16 amazing humans that put their names to our open letter and that helped us push our campaign forward! The Instagram policy changes on the 28th, it outlines the difference between 'breast holding' or 'cupping' which is a celebration of body and 'breast grabbing' which is deemed to be pornographic, these images are censored to protect underage users but this policy change should allow them to better differentiate self expression/ art from pornographic content. Hopefully this policy change will bring an end to the censorship of fat black bodies. The last three have been absolutely wild to say the least but we move and move things we did!

Una publicación compartida por Nyome Nicholas - Williams (@curvynyome) el

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